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This is for Syrian children to their rights theres no one yielding they the ones thats gettin killed in conflicts thats code word for imperialism consequence fake border, and real blood cells they talk like the type of death that innocents receive is relevant but wont address the big ole elephant the Anglo-zionist addict tokin on the oil hole sayin "pipe down Brownman land and take your role before your lack of silence take a negative toll on your vocal chords to retort will prevent us from gettin on board of your ship we don't care its your shit aint nothing gon stop us from getting just one more hit" they say they afraid of the muslim militants right? why? 'cause they willin to fight back? might lack empathy, but honestly Western civilization's quite the heartless industry They say they afraid of the muslim militant then kill'em in ways that's indiscriminate and turn around and wonder why they not feelin this brutalising syndicate, neocolonial instrument? An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind but some aint seen nothing since the lights arrived the lights derived, their pleasure from the chasing of the sticky black prize supremacy more than slightly implied some be gettin the whole god damn pie some get death outta Yemeni skys the pain of a thousand Palestines supremacy more than slightly implied some die without a reason to why some death right out the sky the pain of a thousand Palestines
Mother Tareka: Yes yes y'all so fresh off the boat mad stress fall like souls that ain't float won't rest at all 'cause a sniper got'em scoped in an effed brawl it's murder she wrote, hear death call barbed wires and moats keep the nest small but the nest is enormous, the land can afford its expansion from orbit we monitored separate the lights from the commoners with borders that stomp and bust shots 'til the day breaks our life is AK-47's and heart break your world's getting shattered from the slightest dirt shake our corpses climbing out from under earth quakes with pitchforks running up on the palace gates royal goons saying "why don't y'all just eat cake?" and it's all by design ain't no mistake fragile white lives cushioned by brown back aches Verse 2: we yes yes y'alling but no's the answer nobody knows how to heal this cancer from the Middle East to Black Lives Matter yeah you can tell whose stacks get fatter who got no funds, who own millions who move mad guns and sics they minions whose dominion they think we living in what resources brown bodies represent exploited labour, less than people the guns that kill them become the hero prisons get filled with young black children knights get paid leave for killing brown men our names have been wrote on a Western Deathnote on either hemisphere the dark are dead broke drones send love from golden balconies kill then apologise for the tragedy


'Elephants' Full Length Album to be released Oct 28 / 2016


released October 28, 2016

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Michael Keire
at Threshold Recording Studio. Hamilton, Ontario.
Assisted and additional engineering by Cohen Wylie.
Music by Mother Tareka & The Rebel Funktion.
Lyrics by Mother Tareka.
Album art by Adam Carter & Mother Tareka.

Mother Tareka : MC / Tenor Sax / Flute / Clarinet / Organ / Piano
DJ LP : SP404 Sampler
Drop D : Drums
Tom Altobelli : Bass
Scotty McIntosh : Guitar
Keisha Neoma-Quinn : Violin, Back Up Vocals
Chelsea Cox : Violin, Back Up Vocals
Connor Bennett : Baritone / Alto Saxophone, Back Up Vocals
Aaron Hutchinson : Trumpet, Percussions, Back Up Vocals

Instrumental Guests :
Rachel Nolan : String Harp
Dave Gould : Dumbek / Percussions
DJ !Kryme Won : Turntables
DJ Rac One : Turntables

Guest Vocalists / Emcees :
Kojo 'Easy' Damptey
New-Era Neisha
Nasr Beny
Nunna Yobiz
Kobi from Canadian Winter
Lee Reed
Kay The Aquanaut
Solar Scenery


all rights reserved



Mother Tareka Hamilton, Ontario

Sax blasting, flute tooting, loop-pedal pumping MC Mother Tareka is a Syrian Palestinian artist, and an adopted Hamilton son. Tarek makes powerful Jazz Arabesque Afrobeat Funk HipHop music, and is musically known for his energetic live band arrangements, and intense political messages. ... more

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