Imagine Something Different

by Mother Tareka

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The year is 2015 (samples from Amy Goodman's podcast entitled Imagine Something Different): The eighty richest people in the world are wealthier than the bottom half of the world's population you got it! and this bears repeating the eighty wealthiest people, a group that could fit on a bus, control more wealth than three and a half billion people Imagine Something Different welcome to this Indigenous Isle no this ain't kanada! 'cause every mile has been colonized the land's been defiled occupied but AY! don't sweat it child resistance powerful 'cause we be getting riled up by First Nation warriors protecting the wild from pillaging fat cats sitting on money piles doing dirty deeds of the 1st percentile here the body you in determines the style of social conditions you receive and how dialed up prejudice is details about your life compiled put away in your government file your race and gender still define your worth the type of access you receive on this earth state sanctioned murder is a part of this curse but none of us free like Solomon Burke imagine something different if only for an instant imagine something different for a moment who's world is this? and whats your place on it? whats a small victory against a faceless opponent? faceless and blame free like a drone is what's fair when our fight's for atonement and we got mad strength inside like a Patronus cant afford to lose with stakes this high and nothing can stop us with the truth on our side still money got us confused mind fruits been bruised misinformed about happiness like men in suits the school teacher taught us, get rich get freedom if you poor, fuck you then that's how we living in these open air prisons that's why prisons make some men millions to the pigs listen if you got a gun in our face pointed when we point ones back don't act so disappointed imagine something different if only for an instance AYO we told to savour the moment we've come so far but this far is only enough when low be the bar focus your attention on this like a lead guitar racial tension still exists 'cause racists are heads of state trusted with gates and demonstrate the blatant type of hate that POCs (people of colour) face everyday! still they resist fighting for basic human rights just 'cause it's legal don't mean that it's right tactics diverse 'cause the struggle we aim to win Malcolm X and MLK (Martin Luther King Jr.) were both considered militant i for one don't give a damn 'bout your skin or what bits your packing, just what fight you in! which side of this wealth divide you hold? 'cause we must organize to reach common goals organize anarchic, no hierarchy standing with freedom fighters is where i'ma be naw! we ain't afraid to be wylin! our rage is nothing but love for Turtle Island standing with the land and the marginalized while the cops profiling and the state be violent
the city fell asleep woke up with bed sores the forest fell asleep woke up to locked doors i don't wanna sleep no more nah nah i don't wanna sleep no more without a pause or camouflage for a deadly cause a stand is took full of dedication no second looks but faith can be shook especially when having to deal with a lot of crooks right? emotional content 'round here be paid ridden truth naked to the eye yet remains hidden and money's no religion money's a confession to the original sin taking vs giving in a dream i transcribed a future warm and inviting visions etched onto cave walls the first of many sightings the first of radiant poetic lighting shock waves through brave slaves that found freedom-writing the caged bird might sing blues but not rock n roll 'cause flightless wings certainly do take a toll grab a hold of yourself and your wealth before the night fall comes through with that potent stealth i saved my jokes on shelves their time never came the forecast has been dark clouds in my brain all i ever retained was Babylon migraines and moments of bliss that only fleetingly exist i ain't a pessimist but i use colours hues that come in two shades like false and true while interest accrues on late promises the comets kiss the wishing goodbye adios! nice try ayo the challenges will test the damages will vex the amateurs will quit but the champion wont rest 'til the cosmos knows the nudity that is the emperor's clothes, while some see the light sadly most have chose to stay canopied in the shade as though brightness they opposed the pace of change was slow by the time its era arrived the dirt has a strange glow and when the waters let show their divine prose the humans replied with a set of intertwined blows like blood clots and holes pipelines and growth poisonous mines so they could ride on Fou-Fou's All a no go for those that wished the land peace the few that spoke love and didn't want to ban trees that was then at least now the snake's skin is shed for far too long Decepticons had us mislead now it's war, 'cause profiteering came ahead made a bed in your backyard and laughed made a kill-list and called it The Draft complied with blind pride and made you feel its wrath ayo we thought we had the whole but ain't got the half the future's avalanche getting mocked in the past (repeat) the city fell asleep woke up with bed sores the forest fell asleep woke up to locked doors i don't wanna sleep no more no i don't wanna sleep no more
Hidden behind shadows of smiles corrosive viles of hatred dialed up to the nth degree the greed it bends psyches to fit this for pretend no ascend go and fend for your own health advice ascribed upon a cave wall from past fallen civilizations that made their own hell possible optical illusion except not really this is reality and its unfathomably eff'd AYO i'm diving into glowing waters holding one breath thinking mother nature's divine though destructive when stressed and as of late it has been pressed pressed for cash and juiced that drives us fast into oblivion humans volunteered to be the devil's minions walking thin lines of sanity like Palestinians the shadows that's hiding dead bodies don't show up late to the colonizing party yo! the choice is yours for the making things take their course be awake when it comes aware of the outcomes the line between liberator and enslaver is drawn on American paper so who's the future's landscaper? i'm talking revolution! new constitutions! no borders! human rights! any takers? or will you eat the cake huh? will you take the bate huh? stand around debating the merits while they over-take us i'm sayin i got this Suri DNA in my veins thus i find i got a strange lust to liberate us i got this Suri DNA in my veins thus i got a strange lust to liberate us 'cause the shadows is hiding oh so much yeah cause the shadows is hiding so so much yeah
from sea to shining sea what was once could no longer be the season favours those with the thin paper sheets the ice used to be thick but now its will is weak the future's not bleak but a little preposterous the saviour's prominence is gone along with his bodily form deformed the queen bee is swarmed with gluttony the signs read pages from history his story was fabricated to deny its implications legacy commemorated by violent altercations so few revelations got passed on that the light never really made it past dawn a fully drawn blade awaits its thirst unsatiable its target unmistakable the hour glass broke its fast to encourage growth flint rocks sparked a sacred hope screaming "EARTHQUAKES ARE REPEATABLE!" raindrops joined arms to sink the top soil so the devil lived to see his best plans foiled his genealogy demanded apologies from the highest who carefully listened on tapped wires inept messiahs came and went their followers gave up lent they had enough! of borrowing time and paying rent! to prevent the past from recurring the weak were sacrificed given to the odds unseen paradise they too were unclean parasites decomposed life with all of their might it wasn't right! but it was claimed necessary no hindsight patchwork evolutionary after all recent weather felt unseasonably fair to replace all these concepts that don't need to be there like pain the stimulus was followed by response the non-sentients were now found writing joyous songs! their troubles marched on! outta sight off the earth ate the dirt then became it purity overcame the tainted on and on the fables were recollected directed our attention to when the mountains necks dripped Noah's fam didn't make it but the arc did float all of its inhabitants eloped by then the season was favouring those with no thumbs healed it from the trauma that once had it on the run no guns saluted lost souls silence did unfold to recite the last story ever told no guns saluted lost souls silence did unfold to recite the last story ever told what once was could no longer be from sea to shining sea
<Mother Tareka> the crack of dawn smiles unrequited the faces it hits are deeply disappointed disappointment rampant like white collar crime those crimes are undetectable by design the design never meant to crush so many hopes they evaporate and rain on newborns' coats the infants can hardly trust adults the grown have jobs in corporate cults the cults sing harmony to honour the queen on a paper she draws the life of her dreams dreams gather dust on the king's throne the throne's a deathtrap treason prone treason left a note and abandoned the humble who saw sunshine up through concrete rubble the rubble which came from an unplanned metropolis that fell in the hands and the will of those without a conscience it's just the way it goes until the system's overthrown just the way it goes that's why we finna BLOW! those without a conscience saw the signs of times changing the change ensured that tradition kept fading tradition memorized what humans couldn't scribe the scribes were algorithms on how to survive survival got mocked by lust and desire and social Darwinists that rejected the messiahs now He may have died for the sins of all as they all watched amused and enthralled the excitement there gave birth to religion religion had faith but love went missing love was unsure of how to defend its castle now its people got locked up inside a mental strangle their minds wrestled hard with the words of gods that claimed to have invented man from mud the soil bore fruit with a toxic tinge 'cause mankind went on a big pollution binge it's just the way it goes until the system's overthrown just the way it goes that's why we finna BLOW <Emay> And it'll be overthrown when people are standing over thrones we're overdosing over overloads of Provolone we're taught to leave the pro's alone in parliament i've got to plead my prose alone as armament doesn't seem to be harming it disarming it alarms are going off and every flag is red our heads are in the dirt we're waiting for that which hasn't happened yet a massive step into the right direction but the compass broke and left us nothing slumped and lumping in these sunken boats i dreamt I wrote a hundred flows in a position i once opposed antagonistic sprayed painting tagging misfit mad intrinsic and simplistic woke up and the dream had manifested but the goons were even stronger and infested man in respit seeking exit ain't no peace of mind that's why i give a piece of mine and why i never preach to swine or appease the crimes committed with impunity i see the signs the contract said to kill the system i was pleased to sign so please resign <Mother Tareka> just the way it goes until the system's overthrown just the way it goes that's why we finna BLOW
Welcome welcome welcome! welcome to the the generation with no identity the life that we lead bares no tranquility known for being on the couch falling asleep TV worshiping until our fingers bleed picture a large international demographic that's bonded by satellites n being stuck in traffic virtually interactive inwardly detracted in love with synthetic so our hearts are made of plastic made to be slaves that are well behaved minds rinsed in TV lies deliver us the oppression we crave we're the ones who fear what they create the ones with a phobia of being afraid they say with the land we've lost connection the youth they're victims of the art of deception they get no relief and learn no lessons walk around like zombies with no intentions divided not conquered divided in this life i have grievance mad at the world its patterns they keep repeating its retribution is coming but much illusion stand in the way the same abusers keep abusing its not like hope has been fully exterminated i mean i try to feed it i mean its understated that we all got power waiting to be unleashed we carry it with us like memories of the deceased we all seeking the same things, the same sting is felt many of us got the same cards dealt the same welts leave the same marks on our health led around in the dark beaten by the same belt divided not conquered never KO'd like a thieves in the night we taught that change moves slow incrementalism inflates our mental prisons but we keep keep pushing! divided not conquered divided divided not conquered divided still i got hope though you could think of me as one of the hopeful
"so what happened? were you bored in Manchester?" "bored? no i wasn't fucking bored i'm never bored that's the trouble with everybody, you're all so bored! you've had the nature explained to ya, and you're bored with it! you've had the living body explained to ya, and you're bored with it! you've had the universe explained to ya, and you're bored with it! so now you want cheap thrills and like plenty of 'em and it doesn't matter how tawdry or how vacuous they are as long as it's new as long as it's new as long as it flashes and fucking bleeps in forty fucking different colours but whatever else you could say about me i'm not fucking bored!" <Mother Tareka> The water's never stagnant the sky's looking down at the humans like "the fuck happened?" what's the net worth of all these actions? uncivilized suits with violent reactions pacified factions of society lacking sobriety frying deep fats and looking at coloured maps to entertain the ID drive across the planet to prove they're still alive barely lucid fragments of life <Lee Reed> life smothered in comfort sprayed fake butter plates of the instant trace element tastes and Glutamates Fructoses comatose and who know what think let alone eat or drink or what designer stink is made to make you think shit paid to make instinct with no blinking got wallet in the sink with subconscious spaces product placement that go straight to your brain it's deeply ingrained the pleasure or the pain mix comfort's a fix and junkies wanna hit that working man lift some soma 'cause your shift's done come on baby get some comfort's nice so have a big slice of it! right? you can just turn down the lights on it for tonight just put it to the side you'll never make it right turn the blanket up high! turn the blanket up high high high! turn the blanket up high high high! "don't you see that comfort can be dangerous? i mean you like to be comfortable and I like to be comfortable too, but comfort can lull you into a dangerous tranquility" "see what i'm saying basically is you can't make an omelet without cracking a few eggs and humanity is just a cracked egg and the omelet stinks" <Mother Tareka> i've broadcast my own revival from that passive status rediscovered a most angry mother nature hoping she could reach 'cause i didn't recognize my own mirror's stranger hoping she could teach drink spiked with bleach to stimulate my taste buds over-fried sensory's forgotten what taste was all i got left is taste electric blanket rendition "i like the cold! my god! i never realized! I don't want a blanket it's fun to be cold! i could snuggle up against you even more because it's cold! all sorts of things occur to you! turn on that electric blanket its like taking a tranquelizer its like being lobotomized by watching television" <Mother Tareka & Lee Reed> please lord no! no remote control! please lord no! no six o'clock report! please lord no! no talking head quote! please lord no! no radiation glow! please lord no! no microwavable! please lord no! no shit i cant afford! please lord no! no more thought control! please lord please wake the peeps from they sleep! please lord have mercy please lord have mercy have mercy on my soul i have dug my own grave i'm a victim of the craze i've created troubles now let it breathe! now let it breathe!
some do it for the money but we rock for love! roll for the love! bear our soul for the love! for the what? for the love y'all! ain't nothing above ain't nothing below love is all there is love we got to show life plant seeds that survive mad snow and the reason for that is the L.O. ! that's a message missed by the man types thinking showing love means you ain't man right such a sad sight. but i'ma remove some blindfolds give that script a re-write since forever we fight over insignificant earthly possessions and devilish covenants ain't no Lucifer yet to him we been listening it's not equality that got the planet militant no it's the opposite fo sho it's the lust for wealth and all that glows it's the petrol and all that glitters but I won't lose love I won't be bitter i wont for pray no better future ill teach the youth to rebel for the sake of all creatures 'causes to love the universe and its full embrace is the one destiny of the human race it might take aliens from outer space to start that process of when we replace that hate with the L O to the V E treat each other like works of art not graffiti <graffiti is art should know that> some do it for the money but we rock for love roll for the love, bear our soul for the love for the what? for the love y'all! whats it like to show that 'amore' ? it's kinda like when we keep no score ain't no mine ain't no theirs ain't no yours just are you full yet? no? do you want more? ok. some of y'all call that communism you'd be wrong but that's your decision can you imagine a place with no prisons and no leaders to whom we be submitting no taking only giving no hierarchy or forced religion self determination means no politicians it ain't impossible when the people have risen i'm saying people want the good vibration not an incitation to recite limitations simply inviting you to use your imagination and push! push! towards a love proclamation some do it for the money but we rock for love roll for the love, bear our soul for the love for the what? for the love y'all!
<Mother Tareka> Yo! but i believe we can make it to see the new day one day of course this is Mother Tareka Lee Reed MonkeyWrench one time! two time! We Rock! rock the cage life put us in break it open apply rage like medicine feds scoping crosshairs focusing again but we floating outta range of their bullets and then we facing'em diverse tactics disgracing'em got polluters on the run plus the banks financing'em so many of us stepping it feels like we don't need a gun the truth is our weapon war drums we beating'em for jobs and salaries the earth is killed casually Indigenous sovereignty's among the first casulties move on'em radically! organize massively! slide past they cavalry! causing mad havoc we know thy enemy thus step readily truth dropped heavily's the tune of our melody global no 'baladi' (Arabic for local) dictators gotta flee ain't none of us are 'til every last one is free! <chorus> we live in fear of the doomsday! so we rock for the new day! lay roots with the true say! see a future with us in it! <Lee Reed> we move like its ending like life depends on it live to representative move that message movements methodry no half stepping we off map repping we cough infection we brought mad weaponry fought the oppression cops and aggression constant stress of them modern pressures resistance letterman protest veterans post that threat of both coasts go Oakland with numbers go potent explosive man the folks broke it open BO! we want to roll that power move strategy systems anatomy kicked they nad and then smack them out of it megaphone louder than 5-0 Mounties move cities and the counties township boundaries no doubt we shouting rooftops and streets the beat keeps bouncing <Mother Tareka> we live in fear of the doomsday! so we rock for the new day! lay roots with the true say! see a future with us in it! <MonkeyWrench> go figure go rilla go form flowtillas go iller 'gainst these stone cold killers punch pigs make beats like Dilla's right on cop heads here's my op ed don't kill us (don't kill us) dope dealers yo and bad students, grad students you should join the mass movement that means the land defence and black and trans and working class movement that's prudent in the face of vast illusions snap to it (snap to it) we're blocking the intersection with intersectional activism CBC tells lies of omission but we're in the fact division who said the left lacks a vision we got that we just lack stacks to get it malcontented people need a vehicle for setting it off feed em free breakfast like the Panthers then the bets are all off go make it, go recognize power, go take it don't fake it, go understand empire, go break it <Mother Tareka> we live in fear of the doomsday! so we rock for the new day! lay roots with the true say! see a future with us in! man, we just trying to live trying to survive
"well it's nice to see you so fresh and awake guvnor!" "someone put something in my drink last night" "what?" <Mother Tareka> THE TRUTH! upon a wishing star I spelled out relief prayed for those who fell and for the death of the thief not the survivalist type but those that hog the mic always taking more than claiming they important i pondered this while trucking through my grave shift strange plots that never once had ever made sense apes 'cause we drag our knuckles on the pavement slaves 'cause we trade away days just to save cents the whip cracks at dawn driverman's mad as hell as so on his whip is readily drawn with no hesitation we studied and read Qurans Bibles and scriptures that claimed where we from still we saw no results no emancipation the fuck happened? we ain't foxes made for duke's trapping! time for reacting! driverman's packing heat but we beat his ass and fight back with that direct action! "driver man he made a life" he made a life full of trouble and strife "but the mammy ain't his wife" he made a mother working undercover "chopping cotton don't be slow" don't be slow or they letting you go "better finish out your row" do what you're told work 'til you're too old "driverman he made a life" he made a life full of trouble and strife "but the mammy ain't his wife" he made a mother while working undercover Ugh! "chopping cotton don't be slow" don't be slow or they let you go "better finish out your row" do what you're told work 'til you're too old "keep it moving with that plow" keep moving improving always amusing "driverman will show you how" driverman'll make ya! driverman'll make ya! "get to work and root that stump" get to work or they making you hurt "driverman'll make ya jump" dirverman'll make ya driverman'll make ya "better make your hammer ring" driverman'll make ya JUMP JUMP! driverman'll make ya JUMP JUMP! "driverman'll start to swing" driverman'll make ya pray for a sweet chariot to swing down and let we ride! "ain't but two things on my mind driverman and quitting time" the fuck happened? we ain't foxes made for duke's trapping! time for reacting! driverman's packing heat but we beat his ass and fight back with that direct action!


released March 25, 2015




Mother Tareka Hamilton, Ontario

Sax blasting, flute tooting, loop-pedal pumping MC Mother Tareka is a Syrian Palestinian artist, and an adopted Hamilton son. Tarek makes powerful Jazz Arabesque Afrobeat Funk HipHop music, and is musically known for his energetic live band arrangements, and intense political messages. ... more

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