He Found Brick Inedible


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Civilization ended the moment it began. So when we face up to our industrial poisonous civilization, we will one day have to forage and hunt singing "I refuse to be miserable even though brick is still inedible!"


released July 24, 2011

All lyrics and vocals by Mother Tareka except for features by MonkeyWrench sashamonkeywrenchmann.bandcamp.com, Blank Space from The OutspokenWordsmiths reverbnation.com/theoutspokenwordsmiths, and Natasha Kulis. Beat collaborations and contributions by MonkeyWrench, DJ Edi X - myspace.com/edixtrackmision, Sonia Jind, Kid ILL, DJ ManEatingPlant, DJ Sam Pull + DJ Drop D myspace.com/transverbalproductions, Moment - ryanzak.com, J.Baggett peoplewhomakethings.ca Check out the the individual track details for who made each beat. Props to Peak Soil + UFO's for the remixes, Props to DJ J. Fevrier XIV + Dex + Scott-O for contributing incredible beats that didn't make it on the album, as I couldn't do them justice. Props to Lee Reed, Subterreaneans, Supa83, Canadian Winter, CrownAThornz, Nilla, Infinity Factory, Test Their Logik, my friends and family, and homies in Bunnytown, Gary st., and The Slab. Last but not least I'd like to honour my loving partner who made possible and co-produced the album, Chelsuela aka The Monsta aka DJ Got Stylez. STEEL CITY KEEP THAT FUNK ALIVE! peace - Mother TAREKA




Mother Tareka Hamilton, Ontario

Sax blasting, flute tooting, pedal pumping MC Mother Tareka is an adopted Hamilton son. Tarek is musically best known as the frontman for the Hamilton Hip-Hop-fusion outfit Mother Tareka & The Rebel Funktion

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Track Name: Panic
I refuse to be miserable, even though brick is still inedible! PANIC! PANIC AROUND THE GLOBE!
Nothin left to eat PANIC! Panic around the gloBE!
They Found Brick Inedible
Track Name: Humans
why you hatin' humans?
678 reasons
humans murdered jesus

humans ask me what im angry for
i see somethings that i cant ignore
i could politic 'til all of our ears get sore
but im only a floatin log tryin to find a shore
i look further at sea and see casulties
of savagely imprinted habits that breed
in this god we trust, the dollar bill creed
i put it to the sun rub my eyes to proof read
and what i saw i could not at all heed
had me question if i wanna spread my seed
cus times are hard, stress comes compact
i cant recall a moment when it wasn't like that
i cant recall a moment when the blues wasnt sung
i cant recall why im born with the funk
of a thousand greedy souls
swallowin at whole whatever their hands can hold
they ask me

why you hating humans?

you really wanna know? ok listen..
humans care not for what they consume
if they could they'd probably consume the moon
sell you anything from bad milk to plastic
to child made fabrics to meat slabs hormone filled
pay no attention to how they toil
with their land and waste fertile peak soil
cant embody love til bed time comes
outlaw pitbulls but not hand guns
humans hide away from the sun
then pay to get it synthetically on the run
humans will indulge you in a violent search
and control your thoughts with dogma and church
and ego fights and broken clans and
civilization ended the moment it began
civilization ended the moment it began

why you hatin humans
678 reasons
humans murdered jesus
humans invent diseases
why you hatin humans
Track Name: Immigrant's Fight
i'm tryin to get hired, naw im tryin to get fired
im tryin to rid my soul of selfish desire
i aint a buyer of capitalism's propanda
naw i'm a real hip hopper now can the
people wake the fuck up already?
cus u know hells around us steady
casulties of war shit, this continent's a warship
and everyone got their own responsibilities
it aint with ease that i communicate these
ugly truths, workin class testimonies
we scrub their floors stand tall to open their doors
maintain their pools and gulf course
this class war's international highly mechanical
hegemony organized by the so called civilized
1st world nations, stuck on the oil teat
allied with dictators til people take to the streets
Kill'em all slow, public executions
make'em pay for the ways that they abusing us
so who do you trust? your family? your clan?
the safety net borders that are drawn in the sand?
yeah, it gets deeper, cus im born in the middle east
the place where poverty sleeps, the heart of the beast
the oil well's spillin civilization poisons
different republic, similar disappointments
boys in my homelands actin like grown men
aint no time to chill, or savour bein children
thats reality kid, get it how you get it
break the law cus Allah understands

sometimes its hard to recognize privilege
the kind of poverty you experience is relative to where you live
you are both the work horse and the gears of oppression, lets go!

I left my homeland in the middle of night
came to a place i'm told was doin it right
broke n starved is the immigrant's/refugee's fight
but poverty's everywhere whether you black or white

or muslim or christian i hope that you listen to your heart
and accomplish your mission
break the law cus Allah understands
when you fight the corporate plans of the rich white man
enforcin police states, a thousand holocausts
all in the name of the luxuries of the north
slavery's abolished but we still their property
tradin time hourly, they got the power we
lackin, so dont hesitate to give'em a smackin
end their petrol economy, yo come! follow me!
arent u sick n tired of livin for the weekend?
arent u fed up with the ways they be speakin on your behalf? makin u the global enemy?
the people's uprising might be the only remedy
we're runnin out of time, lets re-write history
change dont come til you make it be
we're runnin out of time, lets re-write history
change dont come til you make it be
tell'em if you want my freedom goddamn it then
you gonna have to pry it out my cold dead hands

I left my homeland in the middle of night
came to a place i'm told was doin it right
broke n starved is the immigrant's/refugee's fight
but poverty's everywhere whether you black or white
Track Name: Young and Able (ft. Natasha Kulis)

willing young n able barely stable holdin on to our innocence
from the cradle we've been robbed with full time jobs omnipotence
we have lost it, we're the victims we've accosted our own selves
cus we dwell inside hell we mask this
pain, and call it gain cus its too real
cant take a second to reflect on how we truly feel
lies shield us like helmets do the riot cops
we're addicted to this role we can not drop..
civilized civil lies told to us daily
life is unclean like the air we inhaling
we scalin up the walls tryin to clean up their malls
sweep their halls for a wage that aint worth it all

Natasha Kulis:
People who sat on their hands
They never became much
Just sat in the stairwell
Or watched from a distance

They go through the motions
Of forced conversations
And losing their patience

So they work it out. Work it in
Learn to fight. Learn to swim
Hit the nail. Hit the head
Make the grade. Make the bed
Turn it loose. Turn it on
Cut the cord. Cut the lawn
Stand in line. Stand up straight
Stay a while. Stay awake

How come these outcomes seem so familiar?
the cat loved curiosity til it killed her
the city's made of bricks that calloused the builder
the pyramid looks pretty, at least from the center
from the top, cus the bottom is subterranean
we love our cell even when the walls are cavin in
slavery is comfortable, stay awake, stay alive
cus a stomach that's barely full, still survives
we're willin to live a life unthrilling
secure enough, though we only got a few shillings
we're dealin with times that are constantly changin
we play the game though we know it's a strange thing

Natasha Kulis
Golden hands are setting places
At a crooked table
They pull out the chairs to seat the
Willing young and able
Track Name: He Found Brick Inedible (ft. MonkeyWrench)
He flicked the light switch on for that familiar feelin
wondered if it worked what that light would be revealin
nothin pretty, layers of dust on the floor and the ceiling
he found this old house abandoned so it wasn't really theiving
plus anyone would do the same and every one did
seniors looting grocery stores tryin to feed their grand kids
"where's mommy n daddy?" child they're in a better place
where their hummers still run and their warm and their safe
amazing grace, he slept outside for twenty eight days
and lately the cold pains had been reaching his cold veins
stay sane, keep walkin, dont talk to the flames
he stood there on the doorway of this house with no name
red brick from the twenties, a vault of strange memories
opened the rusted freezer but of course it was empty
belly swollen like a charity ad, prepared to be dead
no food in the house, he tried to eat the walls instead
he found brick inedible

he found brick inedible

with a red brick in his mouth, passed out, this sad drought
was overtaking his entire civilization
and while he lay motionless, saving his last breaths
he recalled the steps that lead to this current devastation
had a flashback to a time when he was younger
when his eyes weren't full of fear and his stomach wasn't full of hunger
to when the planet hadn't yet executed its revenge
to when life was tough, but food was still abundant
before karma kicked into effect
to punish those who left this oasis wrecked
to when the soil went barren and the people were left staring
at their apparent new found impurities
to when the corporations robbed the peasants of food security
it was easy enough to do the blame got diffused
luxury was entertaining so the people were amused
they were living in empires of colonialist abuse
industrial confusion, an act of their choosing
they were living in denial of what their legacy was doing
looking out for the self til they forgot about the collective
thinking their species is forever resurrected
the stakes were high, but the leaders were higher
lovin the flame, getting closer n closer to the fire
their desire to live the lifestyle of food chain's royalty
made their king face the same fate,
even he found brick inedible

he found brick inedible

some survived this collapse, few saw it comin
grew their own food, started huntin
started to organize, disbanded their governments
made real exactly what it is they wanted
left behind memories of a haunted past
of elites who possessed everything
and flaunted their actions, that were Oh so regrettable
as though they didn't realize that brick was inedible
as though they planned on living eternally as criminals
as though they couldn't disseminate earth's not so subliminal
anger! a violent message sent so clear, tearing up every single town's airport hangars
churning out all these concrete stranglers
pulling the plug, destroying their oil tankers
left them in the dark both the poor and the bankers
became nomadic clans, species endangered
with no fuels, left to fend for their selves
they fought over canned foods that were left on the shelves
they'd evolved into creatures with no mental wealth
and now they'd dissolved into humble beings that learned to dwell
and learned a tough lesson that was pivotal
and yeah, they found brick inedible
Track Name: Earth's Blood

what goes around sure comes around
comes around hard like Icarus hitting the ground
call it karma call it physics
action and reaction everything got its limits
brother Icarus, who's your prophet?
who's the one that will stand up to your impending apocalypse?
is he wearing a white robe long hair and sandals
or is he wearing a white lab coat and goggles
who's your messiah?
will she defend you through love or will he use fire?
when its contagious love is quite the force
before its too late love might cause us remorse
for cancerous paths we've taken,
for industrial course of events, awakened
populous, 2012 a breathe of confidence
a year that might be spiritually trans-formative
like stop! remember the time when we were lions?
before the bourgeois blues had us crying?
before Mecca, Jerusalem, before Zion?
before we predicted the future like Mayans?
the warming sun might only burn up capitalist sinners
and those without guilt might be the winners
you know the humble rooted never polluted kids
the ones that managed to stay off the grid

Those with earth's blood in their veins
might withstand the flood and its monstrous rains

can we be their students, in their acts of resistance?
let our souls take flight to higher forms of existence?
can this move be distinguished?
from cultural voyeurism bloated with privilege?
living in the city feels lonely
start seeking a real tribe like Mowgli's
run away hide from Babylon's debris
when it falls apart i hope it don't crush your tree
mother nature is resilient ....or so we believe
but just how resilient is she?
she's not getting the respect she deserves
and just like our women, we treat her like she's meant to serve
what happens when this planet serves you?
over-educated slightly medicated fools
that love one another but choose to lose some of the others in the coming collapse
of civilizations

Those with earth's blood in their veins
might withstand the flood and its monstrous rains
Track Name: Land Of The Refugees (ft. Blank Space)
on a rock blue n green in its essence
in era not long from the present
within borders heavily guarded by weapons
and an economy fueled by prisons
do you recognize that place that you live in?
do you recognize that capitalist religion?

on a land that aint mine, but sure as hell aint yours
on a planet where we livin like we tourists
with a destructive appetite cus we bored
we come in hungry packs, zombie like hoards
greetings! welcome to the planet ruled by swords
ruled by pigs we call the police force
civilians bullied around by gov't thug soldiers
citizenship doesnt guarantee you living quarters
so fight their guns, and jail cells
that still closely resemble citadels
arrive on soil that's supposedly free
welcome to the land of the refugee

on a rock blue n green in its essence
in era not long from the present
within borders heavily guarded by weapons
and an economy fueled by prisons
do you recognize that place that you live in?
do you recognize that capitalist religion?

recognize the lies and strive to act on our decisions
with conviction actions affect conditions
as far as i can preach or reach or teach in my classes
it is what i make it, its not what im lacking
so dont believe in what your told unless its got some backing
we're brain-washed with attackin marketing our asses
transgress, if you put your time and energy into anything you shouldn't be denied access
yet this is so indicative of the larger predicament we're in as the masses
fact is you're part of the struggle regardless of what your class is
and nothing can change, unless there's some action!

on a rock blue n green in its essence
in era not long from the present
within borders heavily guarded by weapons
and an economy fueled by prisons
do you recognize that place that you live in?
do you recognize that capitalist religion?

where your soul possesses no seniority
a few rebels still question the authorities
speaking for the oppressed populous cluelessly
scattered about stuck in industrial routines
but now we confront our enslavement in a kingdom
of elites only concerned with how you can serve them
we kill the overseer but the planet's overseen
by a cancerous lust for wealth and green
we didnt stop our leaders from killing in our name
we struggle for our freedom but we share the blame
you cant have a 1st world without a 3rd one
and eventually police states can be overcome
but "i'm sorry!" wont suffice to those barely surviving
while our government money finances their tyrants
it dont fly!!

on a rock blue n green in its essence
in era not long from the present
within borders heavily guarded by weapons
and an economy fueled by prisons
do you recognize that place that you live in?
do you recognize that capitalist religion?
Track Name: Dear Obedience
Dear Obedience,
sorry for shifting the power axis, but the people can no longer be bothered.
You've become that senile father,
and father-knows-best molestations have been unveiled for what they truly are.
While trying to focus on being loyal,
the peasants no longer knew what for they toiled,
who they were focused for, nor on,
nor can they tolerate your prisons and
the syncopated rhythms of your smacks upside the heads, oppressing them with your jazz.
For every mountain-top that stood unclaimed
in you kingdom, there remained a freeborn that said NO!
An anarchist that didn't want to blow things up,
but did just so through her shear will to survive.

Dear obedience,
sorry for shifting the axis so far left,
that you variables are no longer valid.
they barely made sense to begin with.
I cant help but hysterically laugh when you're interrupted mid sentence.
You and the academy have conspired for long enough,
too many child labourers have paid for you yachts.
too few dreams got to see daylight.
too many recycled plastic filtered water bottles have cooled you down on your daily morning jog.
too many polished their boots and rifles.
too many have lived in one collective consciousness called SIR YES SIR!
Demolished houses, reclaimed mortgages, and broken homes had to make your numbers right.
Even your rigid digits, so golden and theoretical,
have mocked you by fluctuating un-explainably,
as if to remind you that you won't be able to take them with you when you're gone.

Dear Obedience,
River Styx knows no math, no dollar signs, euros, yens, cowrie shells, forced work contracts.
the stagnant breathing of a generation of disenchanted factory conveyor belt human slaves
has aligned with the breathing of the moon,
the heaving of the tides.
The air pressure inside your steel mill hall
has reached that unmistakable tipping point.
The walls are about to pop like gum balloons
that a child has stretched too thin.
River styx knows no math, no dollar signs,
euros, yens, cowrie shells...
only consequence of action. cotton fields,
cheap clothes, cheaper toys,
pipelines, and cola.

The mountain will still be there, the peasants will evolve.
and you, Dear Obedience, will most definitely dissolve.
Track Name: Blessed (ft. MW)
Ya lateef! i'm alive! holy macro!
ya salam! the sun's back so i'm thankful
blessed I be, with the Syrian identity
from a loving family that fought and died for Falastein
blessed I be, while most ain't livin free
Darwin said we've evolved but it's only slavery
that has, my math adds up like nature's infinite physics
blessed with where i'm at on this planet as it pivots
diggin how i live and havin mindfulness
havin an eye between my brows that tore apart its own lids
blood brother, real homies, and a love that grows
nourishment, fresh water, and turtle island's snow!
blessed to know my assignment is one of value
stress i know is there to motivate so i smile through
my dark prophecies, i make racism and property
inspire me to fight Zionist til the day the earth retires me
so yo! two heart drums for Gaza and the West Bank!
for African poets and HipHop we give thanks!
two bass kicks for those that hear the voice i got
that allow me to expose these corporate plots
blessed to have survived the pigs on our blocks
singin freedom songs back home could've got met shot!
i take a moment out the manifesto to let'em know
tell Ahli Shukran! i'm forever grateful!

I'm blessed; fighting off the urban stress
so now, most of the time, I can sleep when I rest
and most of the time, man I seek out the zest
and I toss it in the recipe, don't believe in destiny.
Freedom without free will: that's a moral mess to me
hate bigots with a passion, but don't let it get the best of me
and I can attest to be
raising hell when I'm ancient, outlasting expectancy
I'm well fed, well loved, rarely seen blood
and my bond with my fam runs deeper than a well does
radical parents who'd be sure to always tell us
don't trust the corporations, or what the try to sell us
Wanna go back in time, 15 year, congratulate 'em
when they threw out the TV, said "use your imagination"
no need for a car, we biked everywhere instead
so I know I've been bread to fight for the forgotten and dead
that said, I've got that privilege, it's easy to forget it
first world luxuries, eternally dependent
on pendents, with blood diamonds, I'm rhyming to end it
I don't care 'bout your timing, I care 'bout if you meant it
Incentives to rhyme doper: that's what MT provides
and besides that, there's live rap each time we collide
rocked a stage in Steel City, prolly left people stunned
but now it's half past July and the album is done. Word.
Track Name: Do It Before You Melt
now with my trusty armored steed i tread land with
no regard for my actions consequence
eliminate lifeforms on different continents
make lots of empty promises
no one’s astonished with the grip i got on my environment
indeed its been centuries since my species first encounter with consciousness
but consciousness on this planet does not exist
only an ocean’s of human centric arrogance
their increased IQ’s and decreased karmic competence
Since, birth we’re emerged in valuing that hedonistic lifestyle who’s blueprints heed no
way no how allow any other creature to flourish
no option’s for the malnourished
and the purists resist and run away to the forest
but eventually i send mercenaries to explore it
colonize it absorb it destroy it employ it
for me and my brethren to keep settling
lands thats already harmoniously been settled in
grab machetes guns and send my kin
into the war path, right into battling
yeah my armament plan’s been simmering
into an effective weapon of world dominance
my people are strictly living for the present
ignoring dense clouds my arms factories workday’s gathering
i’m starting to worry that my nation’s blood drenched hands
engulfed in medieval age brands
of sinister kings dukes presidents and prime ministers
will bring a serious revenge onto our kind administered
slow! now all stand and salute our knowledge of self
our wisdom our culture puts on the shelf
build your Trojan horse now time has a way with stealth
do it before you.... melt....

do it before you melt! know what i'm saying?
Mother Tareka! MonkeyWrench! Chelsuela aka DJ Got Stylez!
Track Name: Bourgeois Blues
Finally I've adjusted..
the bourgeois blues i've adopted

finally ...i have adjusted..
adjusted to the world upon which i've been thrusted
never wanted consciousness and the pompousness
that comes with living in a society of individualists
i'm a consumer now! with a big smile to match
my big bank account that wows
most female gender specimen into hovering
near by my hedonistic body's circumference.
i'm well endowed only with funds that alleviate
the tension and exclusively allow
wishes granted..YES YES! finally i've made it!
i can finally enjoy these lies i've created.
i can finally have time to consider who I am
but a stimulus ridden existence left my brain bland
i'm calling in for medicines that fill the voids and mend
my soul to my abdomen, remind me i'm alive
reconnect me to the human experience, hide
the frustrated delirious appearance.....
rich life crisis, days full of niceness
still dont suffice it's... the bourgeois blues,
the bourgeois blues cooked in chemical stews
leaves you looking forward to the life to which this one's a prelude.
"have some more excess my son",
see i was told sin is just a word that sits on a tongue
and that's but a muscle soon to decompose and crumble
feast while you can while this sweet dream tumbles along
sing the song now cus the sound fades with quickness
soon enough you find nothing has you impressed
get acquainted with emptiness, wondering what else? what wealth? what to chase?
what will fill the vast expanse made by materialism for you and it to share a dance?

finally i have adjusted
the bourgeois blues, i have adopted

finally, im rich, i've adjusted
i carry on the life of the artificially uplifted
i carry on the life of the financially gifted
the bourgeois blues leaves souls un-rested
finally, i'm an economic gear!
part of the inevitable collapse to which capitalism steers
finally i am enlisted in the misery
the systems that make sure the 3rd world's suffering
for that Kashmir cover see, someone had to work for free
or damn well nearly, but that dont tear me
an inch further, from that sweet sweet murder
diamond that has me rising up the social ladder
im no longer part of anything thats humbling
in the background faint why's my soul's muttering
breathing the blues that comes from having much too much
a grip tight clutched on my wallet and my wants
i'm monitoring my stocks and my land and my bonds
that fund war machines and keep spewing bombs
finally, im rich, i've adjusted
i carry on the life of the systemically enlisted
the consumeristic, joy non-existent
the bourgeois blues leaves hearts materialistic
a step in right direction wouldn't bring me near redemption
so i sit and scratch my head trying to make that connection like:
when did time evolve into space to fight boredom with?
how come i use money to buy affection from my kids?
how come shopping days have left my life ignorant?
reduced my tolerance for so society's incompetent
masses, couldnt they just get off their asses ?
couldnt they rise above it all like gases?
how come we ain't living forever like plastics?
how come we ain't living forever like plastics?

Finally! I've adjusted
the bourgeois blues i've adopted
Track Name: The Concept of Love
i dedicate this to women,
the most powerful individuals on this planet
the ones that brought us here,
and taught us the concept of love
this is more than a song
this is an apology
this is not tokenistic, this is from the heart
and its the least i can do

how ironically staged is our brave human gaze
into the sky as we challenge the gods each day
but sadly to our own dismay,
the same mistakes are made...
still live in fear of our selves so at night we pray
lord lord chillin' up in space!
the roses you left were beautiful
the thorns on them were somewhat disputable
we're not sure why we're abusive, we're not sure what the problem is...we men...
(interrupted by old man): "Lord all mighty, play the music!"

OK the reasons we're here are still unknown
the planets over populated but we still feel alone
universal love truth escapes the old n youths
life is a blessing that we made uncouth
cold shoulders to the source we came from
the rock we inhabit our own mothers we damage
we need to respect the feminine divine goddess
for the castle's sake we've poisoned the harvest
for the king's pleasure we sacrifice our daughters
and of the ugliest violence they're the first target
the HER from which we all started
from which we departed while she silently triumphed
yet we shoot her with our bullets n strangle her with science
her will is strong, yearning for release
she fights for bread crumbs while her people feast
she fights for bread crumbs while her people feast

yeah we're still not sure what the problem is
we're so clueless
listen if you're a man
if you really are a masculine man
you need to check your ego
and confront your privilege

men like me need to tread carefully to learn from history's books
learn how to show love learn how to speak recognized how women are overlooked
for once shut up and listen so we could all possibly learn from them
dont tell me we're all already equal!
come on! whats wrong with your cerebral!?

"understand the concept of love!"
i think you need to, i think you need to
"understand the concept of love!"
we could move forward if you could just
"understand the concept of love!"
its not romantic, its respect
"understand the concept of love!"
learn to love
"understand the concept of love!"
we could heal only if men could
"understand the concept of love!"
put your ego behind and just
"understand the concept of love!"
understand where you came from fool!
"understand the concept of love!"

its all so complex, but its also simple
it starts with us. Men. its starts with our language
it starts with our ego, its starts with our misconceptions of women. we need to challenge that.
and a song isn`t what you need to listen to.
its your heart.
Track Name: Runnin'
she was a world map fiend, perfect imperfection
a renaissance woman, taught a bunch of lessons
she was a book, an herb, my speaker of truth
if she was liquor she would be 150 proof
she took me quick to back in the day to that oldschool
feeling of a sunny day, groovin to funk tunes
somethin like Parliament Funkadelic
she's my personal DJ, and i love what she's spinnin
see approachin her, was a difficult task
her presence was an experience that would hardly last
never enough! she was like a planet always on the move
never knew were loving her would lead me to
on a quest to express a little piece of linguistic expression
not trying to impress. No, no. just a word or two, a moment of her time
maybe an hour or three, if so she's inclined
to tell her that "mafi metla" (there's none like her)
and tell her that "heyeh aljamal" (she is beauty)
she's the reason the pirates took to questin the oceans
she's a lost city that's golden, for her im' runnin!

"When we speak of the word fragment, we know that we're talking about a piece, that has been broken away from something that was whole"
(Reverend F.L. Brown from Making It On Fractions - ABC/Peacock label 1974)

she got smarts like kings do decrees
she got a hold on me like Moses on the Red Sea
she's a rare wine from southern Spain
one sip of her and I could deal with any pain
physical or spiritual, she's like a magic drug
a delicacy sought after like Persian rugs
Van Gogh left her his ear, wanted to love her
she's the one McCartney and M.J. fought over
the look of love on Jimmy when he met his first Fender
so beautiful that reality could not render her eyes
Mona Lisa smiled at her with interest
cus her eyes distract god mid sentence
she's the smile an old man wears when he sees another day
the cosmic girl that abducted Jamiroquai
truthfully she's much like Bonnita Applebaum
I want her like the earth wants the sun
for her i'm runnin....

"When we speak of the word fragment, we know that we're talking about a piece, that has been broken away from something that was whole.
it's not the whole piece, but its only a fraction, from something that was whole"
(Reverend F.L. Brown from Making It On Fractions - ABC/Peacock label 1974)
Track Name: Bike Song

i bike by while im on my lowrider
trying to patch the ozone made sour like cider
made sour like freedom fighters without results
made sour like the leaders of misunderstood cults
made sour for the sake of freedom you feel
push back in your seat when the foot's to the pedal
a stranger's a friend that i haven't met yet
but i kinda hate those that joy-ride Corvettes
and Fords, Honda Accords
im not diggin four doors, rather two tires
with no fire generated but the burn in my calf
as i pedal super fast weavin while their stupid ass
is stuck in traffic i haha haha LAUGH! ha haha haha! Laugh at the irony!
their gas payin wallets growl violently
while Tarek bikes by silently sayin

Track Name: Each Day Pt.2
"its the scent of another day, i try to bottle it in but i swear i'll kill if it's a monday! this unpure unclean routine seen in my crystal ball like magic and i aint no future teller damn it! it's the orphaned creative inner child if that bastard bugs me again i swear i'll him piled into segments.." MT ( Each Day - UnidentifiedFunkyObjects - Landing - 2010)

i rise with the sun, im like everyone
nine to fivin challengin friction
words out my mouth i pull with conviction
i am the victim of thought addiction
my mind is the kingpin his henchmen
are neural connections, im wrecked when
i try to cleanse my soul, get awakened
it calls me mistaken, says its been breakin
its back since sunrise and now its late in
the evening i'm thieving a moment of time to my lonely
realize in my heart i find no peace
mostly a philosophy driven by greed
continuous progress and accelerated speeds
of getting what im wanting, this lifestyle is saddened
i think i've forgotten how rotten Denmark has gotten
so i ponder ways to escape through ascension
think of blastin off my brains to another dimension like..

"i'm so tired! how long can this go on!?"

now i reconsider how bitter, my pursuit of prosperity and cheddar caused metamorphosis
met an enormous detour to a place unpure and uncertain
yes, my morality is hurtin
i meet a homeless man each day on my street
give no pity and express no grief
give no change piece, just disgust and judgment
and continue on to lead
a comfort ridden life with a happy drunk wife
and a child with no sight of her dreams and invitin
of creative excitement into her world brightened
with imagination, just that anticipation
of the next purchased item
a life latent, potential stunted, growth unwanted
her television flutters, a mind baby sitter
all due to my constant pursuit of the better
her television flutters, a mind baby sitter
all due to my constant pursuit of the better

"i'm so tired! how long can this go on?!"
Track Name: Worlds Apart
so while the shots back in my old home keep firing
im livin in the heart of the culture of entitlement
and while the IED's find soldiers feet
military drones shoot homes down from thirty five hundred feet high!
im angry! well theres the question of why?
why cant i be sedated by this Western consumerism opiate supplies?
its more than national my ism is genetic
race is all in the mind but the imperialists wont let it
die quick so it dies not, lives on in your hearts
in how we cant see why the west and east are worlds apart
how killin with a push of a button is like playin darts
im a part of this empire that made violence an art

i was born in the Middle East, immigrated to a new world, left colonialism behind, left dictatorships behind, and found new dictatorships
it's time for that to change, its time for all these dictators to be gone, East, West, all over the globe
it's time..

structural imposed poverty kingdoms we call democracies
a new town built on sacred burial grounds, Aristocracies
carefully aim stray bullets collateral damage calculated
so we may continue to live on land that belongs to native
indigenous first nations replaced with a tasteless makeshift
easily entertained united states of 9-5 slave ship
my condolences your dream of a beautiful nation's passed away
like a million Iraqi civilians targeted from outer space
they tell me supporting our troops is necessary
i tell'em our world domination plans are hereditary
aggressive actions we're fractions of the equation and yet
how to stop our destructive appetite we forget
lest we forget those we lost on 9/11
lets just forget our country's notorious blood letting
what we call a war on terror is neo-colonliasm
lets just ignore our extra profitable industrial prisons
see my world calls me out on the patriotism i lack
cant see that im afraid of more patriot acts
cant see that im afraid of the riches we pack
cant see that im afraid of the enemies we attract

and we keep laughing while the cycle continues
until we learn to say no.
Track Name: Aliens
aliens are coming...

aliens want to kill us all
they heard about our shopping malls
aliens want us to live no more
they read about our unquenchable oil wars
aliens want to rid the planet of us
they know that as long as we live this planet is crushed
its aura is hushed, cursed with an evil touch
chemically infused and such. u get it.
aliens are fumed with the sounds we exhume
the bullshit we choose to consume
our commercials are heard through universal space and radiates the bad vibes of our creations
travel deep into intergalactic reaches,
where they disrupt alien Buddhist teachers
make'em think of us wondering
how we got this very dear capitalist dysfunctioning?

when the aliens will come
they will make your CEO run!
when the aliens will come
they will make the white house bun!
but when will these aliens come?

run now if ur rich cus when the aliens come down,
they'll gather those living on money's clouds
aliens species dont believe in these currencies
they tried to reason with us peacefully
but the earth is currently inhabited by the savages
hell ya the stock market did
fuel the aliens hunger for human carcasses
they want stop this shit make an end to our addiction
they dont like nonsense our TV's depicting
they dont wanna see more oil in oceans spittin
they dont like that money's our religion
corrupting their visions
with ads for whiter smiles, brother please,
they got like a million teeth
they've rejected SUV's and luxuries
cus they're out there being free!
they've rejected wars for luxuries
cus they're out there being free!

when the aliens will come
they will make your CEO run!
when the aliens will come
they will make the white house bun!
watch out! here they come...

when the aliens will come
they will make your CEO run!
when the aliens will come
they will make the white house bun!
when will these aliens come?
Track Name: All Over
"This is London Post, here is a news flash:
the German radio has just announced that Hitler is Dead
I'll repeat that,
the German radio has just announced that Hitler is dead"

time to get rid of dictators,
organized states always betrayed us
I see a dark side but there aint no Darth Vader
Just some old white dudes and they dont use light sabers
they got drones servin death from above
blowing up homes, civilians disposed of
glory days faded out workin nights in and out
and we dont fund schools just wars on drugs
think rich think big think gangsta
think crook big bank slave master
think subliminal treated like criminals
colour coded justice system bust this
think pig cop really there to protect?
not to enforce a prison state of neglect?
think outside the box and its televised myths
think soul music that means to uplift!

when i think of time slippin i kinda feel helpless
the revolution's on now but im livin selfish
im living in the land where they chasing after happiness
and oops! -----We've Gone Mad!
chased it too hard now it ran away
the flute goes on like shots that spray
those who refuse to obsess over trivial things
1st world problems and what they bring
we thinkin for now we allowed to be lazy
deserve that quick fix that we be cravin
cant really protest when we sniffin daizies singin
na na na na na naaa naa! eh eh eh eh! make money money make money money n all that bull!

here we go again back from scratch lets start all over
put the guns down til we feel fully sober
fire all governments live like we know how
grow our own food make it taste so fresh
yes yes y'all its a task and a half
examine history map it out on a graph
a hundred years of industry now we feelin its wrath
and we left speechless like...mm uhmm
we waited on the day, but the day never came
we fightin religious wars like muslims in Spain
we talkin with gods now like "help us change!"
help us love one another not take'em in vain!
help us take it easy! get high like the hubble
high like the stakes after the dust settled
but i been hearing that talk for centuries!
now my blood got mixed and war's my identity!!

and bombs keep droppin
and the shots keep firing
and policemen stompin
oil wars tax funded
and the prisoners locked in
those of colour still starvin
and the government's racist
and we still complacent

Gaza'sstill hostage
West Bank's still hostage
Iraq is still hostage
Syria's still hostage
Turtle Island's hostage
forest gettin chopped down
beloved women still hurting
homophobes in power and
misogyny's so blatant
and we keep on voting
and we still complacent we just cant take it we break it!!

Burn it down! burn it down! burn it down! RA!
Come on!
Burn it down! burn it down! burn it down! RA!

and bombs keep droppin
and the shots keep firing
and policemen stompin
oil wars tax funded
and the prisoners locked in
those of colour still starvin
and the government's racist
and we still complacent

Gaza's hostage
West Bank's hostage
Iraq is hostage
Syria's hostage
Turtle Island's hostage
forest gettin chopped down
beloved women hurting
homophobes in power and
misogyny's blatant
we still complacent we BREAK IT!!
Track Name: Dedication
some of y'all get it!
some of y'all get it!
some of y'all understand what's gonna happen
you're prepared
i think you've found brick inedible already
true, true
and for you...
is this dedication..

my brother Ahmed, Rest in Peace
my sister Nadia, found brick inedible
my brother Mo,
my sister Twila,
my brother Yasir,
my brother Pras,
my brother Khalid,
my brother Salah,
my brother Vickram,
my man Rich Green
Omar Offendum,
The Narcicyst,
Shadia Mansour,
my man Ken,
my man Doug Smith
Lee Reed,
J. Fever,
The Phorce,
Queen Cee,
Crown A' Thornz,
Pocket Dwellers,
The Freedom Writers,
Ian Kamau,
Shad K,
Canadian Winter,
Ra Soul,
Klass n Hachey,
Infinity Factory,
Red Slam,
Geneva B,
Matt Jelly,
Klyde Broox,
Scotty Beets,
White Bison,
The Human Race,
Teal Booth,
Peak Soil,
Ms. Rachel Nolan,
Unidentified Funky Objects,
El Capitaine,
DJ Edi X,
Dr. Freeze,
General Rhymezard,
DJ ManEatingPlant,
My brother Faz,
My brother Irfan,
My brother Erez,
Gaia Is I,
DJ Sam Pull,
DJ Drop D,
My brother at The Slab ,
My sisters at The Slab,
Natasha Kulis,
Blank Space,
Test Their Logik,
Mother Tareka
Found Brick Inedible
p.s. I missed it on the recording but props to my lover, my partner and collaborator Chesuela aka The MONSTA! She definitely found brick inedible!